Zelhem 31-3-2022


We would like to introduce the ZAMC – Zelhem to all potential participants and visitors to the Euro-Classic trial on June 18-19, 2022. Who and what is the ZAMC ??


Zelhem is a trial stronghold which has been developed from scratch since 1974 into an international organization of allure. Many national and international events have been organized by this enthusiastic club. In addition, the club is especially praised for its sleek, but especially for its relaxed way of organizing on the great Motorsport accommodation "the Langenberg".


Initially only competitions for club and national championships were organised, but when in the mid-2000 the club officially obtained the only real "mountain" in the region for a trial accommodation, it has gone completely wild. Subsequently, in 2010 a beautiful clubhouse was built with all necessary and desirable facilities. That was also the signal to (widen the horizon) look “over the border”, with the result that trial competitions for the European Championship were organized in 2012 and 2017.

Before that happened, sections (non-stops) had to be built that were suitable for this international ambition. Not a single pebble or log was to be seen. Energetically plans were made and soon a start was made with the development and decoration of the almost 8 ha site. At first with all kind of concrete and stone stuff from the neighborhood, but soon it had to be better and more beautiful and above all more natural.

Huge rock formations were subsequently bought in Germany, Belgium and Denmark in a very creative way. A “source” was also discovered in the Northern Netherlands where suitable material could be obtained. It is estimated that approximately 1,000 tons of rocks and the like have been "glued" on top and site of the Langenberg, all with the help of skilled and courageous crane operators. And all this for reaching the desired trial level. In addition, it should also be added that approximately 4,000 mtr³ of soil was supplied to properly “anchor” all those rocks, stones, tree trunks, etc., but also to get extra height differences. The phrase “blood sweat and tears” is rightly applicable here, the latter (tears) referring to the enormous costs that this exercise entailed……….

After that first European Championship match in 2012, the club was showered with all kinds of praise, which resulted in another European Championship being organized in 2017.

Again plenty of positive comments! It was inevitable, the sleeves were rolled up even higher, and yes, the club dared to take on the challenge and a trial competition for the World Championship was organized in 2019.

Despite the fact that the Zelhemse mountain is of course a mini mountain compared to what the European and World Championship participants are presented with almost every week, the trial world was really “upside down” for the performance of the Zelhemse club. What this club achieved is considered “unique”, even for the pickiest trial professional. It was amazing !!


We would almost forget, but of course since 1976 (!!) the club has also been organizing competitions for the Open Dutch Championship (ONK) and a competition for the Dutch Youth Championship (whether or not combined with the ONK).

In addition to all this top sport violence, the recreational side of trial sport also receives a lot of attention from the club. In addition to the weekly training sessions on Saturday afternoons and in summer time also on Wednesday evenings, 8 to 10 club trials are held on an annual basis, with the special feature that all competitions are held with real inspectors.


However, the competition palette was not yet complete, according to the club. What was still missing was a competition from the prehistoric trial times, a competition for the nestors of the sport, with motorcycles that really belong in a museum.

In 2017 the time had come, the first Classictrial was held on “the Langenberg”. The participants in these competitions were initially a bit hesitant, with all the rocks and stones…….

After that first competition, the fear for “the stones” turned into pure enthusiasm. It was really possible to organize a real classic trial at “the Langenberg” and as you may expect from this club, in 2022 there will be a competition at the highest Classic level.


In 2022 the ZAMC will be 50 years old and that should be celebrated!! From the start when plans were made for Jubilee activities, the idea for an International Classic Trial was at the top of the wish list. Consultations with Martien Vermeulen of the CTN and the German organizer of the Euro-Cup competitions Bernd Kreutz have resulted in the ZAMC – Zelhem being "admitted" to the illustrious group of clubs that are "allowed" to organize such a competition.


So, on to the first 2-day EURO-CUP Classic Trial at “de Langenberg” in Zelhem !!